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The verdict to imprison three journalists of al-Masrī al-Yawm contradicts the optimism about democratic reforms.
We are facing a current phenomenon about the appearance of religious parties clad in political attire during a fragile time of political reform
This is a true wide-scale war waged by Israel... against the Palestinian people. There is no difference between the Holocaust and the genocide of today... We know that the generals of Israel are immoral, that war is taking place in Palestine, and that media wars are waged in America by the active...
The US State Department of Foreign Affairs issued its 25th report on human rights. It criticized the harsh restrictions imposed on freedom of expression and the press. It mentioned that the Christian minority suffers from discrimination, especially when matters are related to the building and...
All Egyptians should confront this feeling of persecution whether Christians or Muslims in order to develop our country and move towards the future. Saying that one could go to America and ask for its protection is a great humiliation for the country and the person himself.
Whatever the circumstances were, or the excuses, what happened last week in Al-Koshh that is located in Upper Egypt should not pass away without strict and harsh punishment for everyone who caused or participated in or encouraged the disaster.


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