AWR Database

The Arab West Report database aims at documenting social and political developments in Egypt and the wider Middle East with a specialized focus on inter-communal relations.

Arab West Report seeks to challenge biased and uninformed reporting that often exacerbates existing conflicts and tensions. Formerly operating under the name Religious News Service from the Arab World since 1997, Arab West Report has been providing media critiques and reviews on journalism covering inter-communal incidents and placing them in context with the aim of dispelling rumours, thus providing a unique overview of developments and opinions expressed in Arab media.


Our reports fall in various categories:

Reports (1998 - Present) include our own analysis of current events of inter-communal incidents and societal developments placed in context.

Weekly editorials (2002-2010) include comments on the media covered, current events, and activities in which Arab-West Report has been involved.

Arab West Report Papers (2007 - Present) are in-depth unique reports on subjects rarely covered elsewhere.

Datasets consist of raw data sheets compiled by staff and interns. 

The Biographies Project was begun in 2007 and aimed at clarifying the actors and institutions involved in policy-making and shaping Egypt and the Middle East. It was discontinued in 2010, but aims to be revived soon.

Arab West Report is seeking an academic partner and distributor it can link up with to further strengthen the database, aid in our research, and promote education for peace.