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The state honored the Coptic writer, Counselor Edward Ghali El-Zahabi, former Chief of the Court of State (hai’it Qadaya el-Dawla), an authority on the study of the rights of non-Muslims in an Islamic society, and a former member of the People’s Assembly, on the occasion of the Holy Mulid of the...
It is God’s mercy that dialogue between religions is built upon mutual respect and justice. The dialogue between religions which was recently held recently in Paris succeeded to find a common solid ground for all believers with the aim of agreeing on moral values required by heavenly religions.
An article about the life and thoughts of Father van Nispen who is also on the board of advisors of the RNSAW. One of van Nispen’s great passions is teaching Islamic philosophy and theology to the would-be priests. Father van Nispen was also one of the founding members of the Religious Brotherhood...
The last 3,000 years witnessed the birth of three major religions, The first two had religions had an ongoing political conflict between them, to be concluded by the appearance of Islam as the final and most comprehensive religion.
Robin Cook says Western civilization is in debt to Islam and its civilization, and it is our plan to create a new framework to strengthen our relationship with Islam as a friend because it is the religion of forgiveness and love.
In a speech made in London last week, British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook called for a dialogue between the West and the Islamic World and for establishing channels for more cultural exchanges between the two sides.
A brief article on the rules of debate and discussion in Islam.


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