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Watani International reflects on the recent sectarian incident in the town of Dayrūt in Asyut. It looks specifically at the aftermath of the incident and the riots in the town after the police decided to extend the detention of the Muslim men who were charged with killing a Coptic man. Watani...
Dayrūt is threatened by the peril of sectarianism. People from the Upper Egyptian village appear to have a bad track record with the security forces and Islamist attacks. A considerable number of people from the village believe that the church is hiding Romānī, the young Coptic man who distributed...
Al-Wafd reports on the recent quarrel between Muslims and Christians in the town of Dayrūt in Asyut governorate. Al-Wafd collected the opinions of different politicians and thinkers on the cause of such incidents and what role the government should play in putting a stop to them.
The Misdemeanor Court in Asyut ruled in favor of the 19 people accused of assaulting and destroying Coptic businesses and properties in Dayrūt, declaring them innocent of the charges.
Convinced by the evidence supported by the lawyer of four accused citizens condemned in a murder in Dayrūt, the court decided to acquit them all.        
Two Muslim cousins shot four Coptic men from the same family leaving two of them dead after sustaining 140 shots.
Thirty monks from Muharraq monastery in Asyut have staged a sit-in in the grounds of a villa that they believe belongs to the monastery. They claim that the monastery has been the rightful owner of the villa since 1926 when it was given as an endowment to the monastery.
The Criminal Court has ruled in favor of 19 people who had been arrested in the sectarian riots in Dayrūt, Upper Egypt. The decision was met with relief by the detained and their families and but Copts expressed their fear of new incidents in the absence of penalties.
The governor of Asyut highlights the danger of sectarian incidents and notes that the Dayrūt incident was criminal and not sectarian.
The attorney in Asyut extends the detention of the people involved in the Dayrūt riots.


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