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Ramsīs al-Najār, church lawyer and responsible for all the cases of reverting to Christianity, expressed his joy with the newly issued decision by the Ministry of Interior Affairs, which states the right for reverts to Christianity to obtain a new National ID Card. He added that the decision was...
CAIRO: Egypt’s Supreme Administrative Court ruled on Sunday in favor of Christian reconverts, allowing them to be identified as Christians on their national ID cards and birth certificates.
The Supreme Administrative Court set the July 2 session to resume considering the case of re-converters to Christianity. A number of Copts had converted to Islam and later converted back to Christianity and asked the interior ministry to have their personal information proving their Christian, not...
Ranā Mamdūh reports on the lawsuit filed by Ra’ūf al-Najjār against President Mubārak.
The author casts light on the issue of removing the religion field from the personal ID card and its effects on the civilian society.
Al-Dustūr reports on the recent decision taken by the court concerning Bahā’īs and Muslim converts to Christianity
Christian converts to Islam who re-embraced Christianity and were given the right to change their religion on official papers back to Christianity are complaining on a daily basis that the Ministry of Interior does not approve the court ruling, allegedly because of the involvement of some...
Although Bishop Marqus stresses the fact that he opposes the government, he supports Jamāl Mubārak to succeed his father as the president of the Egypt.
The Supreme Administrative court has decided to postpone the hearing in the case of Christian born individuals who converted to Islam and then reconverted to Christianity.
Pope Shenouda III of the Coptic Orthodox Church calls on the Egyptian first lady to intervene to end the problem of converts who want to re-embrace Christianity at governmental institutes.


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