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Christine Chaillotis the author of a number of books on Oriental Orthodox Churches. Her first visit to Egypt was in 1981 and since then she has visited the region countless times and feels that the Orthodox Church has become her spiritual home.
This article deals with the Christian fasts. It sheds light on the difference between some Christian denominations in fasting.
On 29 October 2008, Bishop Serapion gave a lecture on ’Christian Unity from an Orthodox Perspective’ at Claremont School of Theology in Claremont, California.
The author calls on Christians to stop complaining that the government does not allow them to build churches or form charity associations. He says they should start adopting the spirit of forgiveness, love and brotherhood between Muslims and Christians.
The author criticizes Christians who enter into debates with Muslims over religious issues, stating that such debates are frivolous and divisive.
Theological researcher Nabīl Habīb conducted a comparative study between the 1938 regulations and its amendments.
Councilor Labīb stresses that the bishop must be a servant and a pastor that rules by the law of love. He also argues that the church law and the teachings of the saints all stress the humbleness of the bishop.
The author has conducted an interview with Pope Shenouda III on the occasion of Coptic Easter.
John Watson reviews a new book by Sidney H. Griffith entitled, ’The Church in the Shadow of the Mosque: Christians and Muslims in the World of Islam’ which presents an overview of not only Islamic and Christian history in the Arab world but also provides explanations of the major divides between...
The article looks at the changing face of religion in Britain over the last fifty years. The author analyzes the increasingly ’multifaith’ face of Britian.


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