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An interview conducted by Cornelis Hulsman and Father Joannis from the Coptic Orthodox Church
Leading Coptic figures denied rumors posted on Coptic websites about church trials of Bishop Yu’annis and Bishop Armiyā. This comes after a number of priests and bishops engaged in a closed meeting following celebrations of Pope Shenouda's ordination anniversary. Mājid Hannā said that the meeting...
The editorial laments that bishops of the Coptic Church are once again at war with each other, as the current tension between Bishop Bīshūy and Pope Shenouda III is allegedly being tried to be taken advantage of. Amongst the circulating rumours is that Bishop Yu’annis paid various journalists to...
 Nader Shukry reports on the holding of the Arbaeen mass in memory of those killed in the Naj‘ Hammādī incident, also mentioning protests around the world – including in Downtown Cairo – speaking out against sectarian violence.
Bishop Bīshūy’s sickness has revealed existing tensions between the different bishops in the Coptic Orthodox Church.
Confirmations, denials, that the pope’s secretary Bishop Yu’annis will be investigated for the alleged circulation of a rumor about the pope dying.
The author claims that Bishop Yu’annis is preparing a plan to highlight his popularity to Pope Shenouda.
Church sources confirm news about Bishop Yu’annis leaving his position as Pope Shenouda III’s personal secretary.
The author reports on rumors about a monk from Saint Maqār Monastery succeeding Pope Shenouda according to a secret agreement.
The article deals with the attacks on Bishop Yu’annis, the secretary of Pope Shenouda.


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