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The deaf educational unit for the Anglican Episcopal Church in Egypt will organize courses for teaching Egyptian sign language for everyone next March. Archbishop Munīr Ḥannā, head of the Alexandria region for the Anglican Episcopal Church, said that workshops consist of three levels in which...
The Episcopal Church presented its experience in interfaith dialogue in Egypt to 32 African Christian leaders, during the Conference of the Council of Anglican Provinces of Africa, hosted by All Saints Cathedral in Zamalek.
The Anglican Episcopal Church in Egypt continued the activities of the “Faith and Work” conference, in which it hosts African participants in a training program in partnership with the Council of Anglican Provinces in Africa (CAPA) and the European Union (EU).
Dr. Sāmī Fawzī, Archbishop of the Episcopal/Anglican Church, Province of Alexandria, headed a church delegation on Saturday to pay a visit to Pope Tawāḍrūs II, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the See of St. Mark, at the papal headquarters.
The Episcopal/Anglican Church appointed Bishop Sāmī Fawzī as the new head for the Province of Alexandria and archbishop of the diocese of Egypt, replacing Archbishop Dr. Munīr Ḥannā.
During his visit to the Shaykh of Al-Azhar Dr. Aḥmad al-Ṭayyib, Dr. Sāmī Fawzī, the new archbishop of the Episcopal Church in Egypt, presented the idea of ​​establishing a center for Islamic studies within the church.
The Episcopal Church in Egypt is witnessing a new era, as Bishop Dr. Munīr Ḥanā bids farewell to the position of Head of the Alexandria Region of the Anglican Episcopal Church after reaching the age of retirement, while a new bishop is being appointed in his place, Dr. Sāmī Fawzī.
Egyptian churches stressed the Palestinians’ right to defend their cause in the face of violence committed by Israeli soldiers. 
Members of the Episcopal Church of Egypt were called to come to the All Saints Cathedral for an extra-ordinary church meeting that was carefully designed to result in a call for a letter to President Abdelfattah al-Sisi [ʿAbd al-Fattāḥ al-Sīsī] to recognize the Anglican Diocese of Egypt as an...
This text was presented to all members of the extraordinary church council meeting or synod on October 24, 2020. It was not a new text. The bishop earlier presented a similar text in 2019 to the parish council of St. John the Baptist Church when relations were discussed with the Maadi Community...


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