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The first thing that Reverend Richard did, when he introduced himself to our group, was bring a smile to our lips. Although being “officially” retired back in Canada, it became clear that God had plans for him in the Middle East. “Don’t think you can retire in the ministry!” he said, laughing.
Strong criticism has been directed at the Protestant Majlis al-Millī head Dr Safwat al-Bayādī before elections to the council.
Based on information obtained from the police report released from the General Prosecutor’s Office, the author explains why the rumors that followed Pastor Dave Petrescue’s accidental death were unfounded. He also discusses the importance of transparency for dispelling rumors following tragic...
This article, written for Christianity Today immediately following the tragic death of Pastor Dave Petrescue, reflects on his work at Maadi Community Church (M.C.C.).
Egyptian press showing struggles in how to deal with rumors and emotions. Pope Benedict XVI used a quote of a Byzantine emperor in a surprisingly harsh form.
Rev. Dave Petrescue, senior pastor of the Maadi Community Church, passed away in tragic accident.
The author explained the meaning of "Christian fundamentalism," saying that he did not deny the existence of a Christian Protestant fundamentalist movement in America. He was among the first to attract attention to its existence when he published his book "The Zionist Penetration of Christianity."...
The Evangelical church is again accused of giving the hymns it distributes on video tapes a western appearance. This includes the music, the way it is sung and the use of video clips which are not in accordance with the spiritual dimension of the hymns. The article points out the opinions of the...
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