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The draft of a law for Christian families in Egypt has again resulted in disagreements between churches, which were conveyed in notes sent to the government.
Bishop Jeremiah, the head of the Coptic Cultural Center, has stated that as a citizen he rejects the amendment of Article 3 of the Constitution. He argued that amending it to be from “Christians and Jews” to “non- Muslims” will be harmful to both Muslims and Christians. He stated that the...
Jehovah’s witnesses is an extremist organization that calls for not joining the army as well as boycotting the parliamentary elections. 
The article deals with decision of the Administrative Court refusal to allow Jehovah's Witnesses from practicing their rituals in Egypt.
 A former member of Jehovah's witnesses reveals some of the secrets about the organization to Sawt al-Umah.  
His Holiness Pope Shenouda III, the Patriarch of the See of Saint Mark, stated that the Holy Synod decided that Jehovah Witnesses and Adventists are not Christians because they believe that Jesus Christ is Angel Michael.
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