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A group of Azhar scholars declare their opinions on the Azhar researcher’s thesis that deemed Rose al-Yūsuf Kāfir. All scholars denounced the Takfīr; however some approved the negative stance on the periodical.
Sāmih Fawzī writes about Takfīr and Rose al- Yūsuf, questioning the role of the Islamic Research Academy. Fawzī highlights the phenomena of recorded tapes that put national unity under threat as they encourage religious discrimination and call for supporting mujāhids.
Recent research findings on the increasing rate of melanoma among girls have raised controversy among Egyptian dermatologists and Muslim scholars, after claims by some Muslim preachers linked skin cancer to revealing clothes worn by young girls.
The Azhar carries two missions since it was established; a spiritual and an educational one. A recent study by the national councils discussing the educational process in -Azhar faculties and higher institutions affirmed the need for revitalization in order to prepare missionaries able to handle...
The appointment of "non-Azhar" female scholars as theologians, and ignoring those who have graduated from the Azhar has provoked a controversy specially after the case of [a certain woman called] Shereen who taught women Islamic religion without obtaining the relevant permission while dozens of Al...
Today four Azhar scholars are to stand in front of the disciplinary committee for the staff of the Azhar university and may face dismissal.
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