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The newspaper knew from anonymous sources in the Azhar that there are currently negotiations to form the board of the Bayt al- Zakah.
Dr. Muhammad ‘Abd al- Rāzziq, the Head of the Religious Sector stated that six non-Azharite preachers were licensed to give sermons. 
The Azhar is about to complete the draft law for the ‘alms- house’ that is to be presented to the council of Ministers the coming week. 
The Independent has opened a discussion that has led to a strife pertaining to moving the tomb of Prophet Muhammad. 
The Da’wah al- Salafiah is returning again to mosques through preaching against ISIS.
In a statement issued today, Thursday, al-Azhar expressed its strong condemnation of the initiative by a Dutch Parliamentarian to organize an anti-Islam cartoon contest, while expressing its appreciation for the Dutch Government’s rejection of such step.
The Ministry of Endowments stated that there is no possibility to exploit mosques politically or to use it for electoral purposes for some political parties and groups in the future. 
The Azhar issued a decision to send preaching convoys to different governorates that would, as part of its job, alert to the Shi’te danger and sectarian strife and its impact on the unity of the ummah and social stability. 
The Azhar denounced the storming of the Aqsá mosque by rabbi Yehuda Glick accompanied by a group of Jewish settlers and protected by special units of the Israeli police. 
In his speech delivered at the ‘Love and Peace’ ceremony, al-Azhar professor of comparative jurisprudence, Dr. Shaykh Aḥmad Karīma, stressed that Egypt is the homeland for all its citizens, Muslims and Christians. Karīma reiterated that Egypt has long neglected the Coptic era in its school...


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