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The Azhar ‘ulamā’ have categorically rejected a recent statement made by Abu Muscab al-Zarqāwī, leader of al-Qācida group ‘Jihād in the Country of Two Rivers’ [Tanzīm Qā‘idat al-Jihād FiBilād al-Rāfidayn] in which he declared that Hurricane Katrina is God’s revenge for the U.S. occupation of Iraq...
Each time a disaster befalls dār al-harb [‘abode of war’, referring to the West] there are some Muslim terrorists who issue statements triumphing over the death of thousands of ‘Christian libertines, homosexuals and prostitutes.’
Although they all have different interpretations, al-Qā‘ida, Jewish and Christian fundamentalist organizations and anti-abortion activists all agree that the devastating hurricane Katrina, was an expression of God’s wrath.
An article in response to Muslims who gloated over U.S.’s misfortunes. One of the ancient scholars of Islam, Abu Hāmid al-Ghazālī, said gloating is the most extreme form of envy, for it breeds a venomous hatred of others. Envy is unequivocally prohibited in Islam.
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