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Despite press reports claiming the rejection of Al-Gamaa Al-Islamiyya to ongoing efforts by some of its former members to establish a political party, the would-be founders vow to move on. Dialogue is said to be taking place between leading members of several Islamist groups including the Gamaa...
Egypt’s largest Islamist militant group, the Al-Gamaa Al-Islamiyya, has announced several new initiatives as part of its effort to switch from violent opposition to the government to a legal alternative, its lawyers said.
Interior Minister Habib El-Adli denied that there is a truce between the security forces and the Gama’a Islamiyya. He said his department acts to reintegrate jailed militants into society once they "repent" and are released. El-Adli also announced that an official probe into allegations of police...
The writer discusses the recent declaration of the Gama’a Islamiyya that they have decided to stop their violent attacks so that they can engage in party politics.
An interview between Rafa’t Al-Sa’id of the Tagammu’ Party (who is fiercely critical of the Muslim Brotherhood), and Saleem ’Azouz (the interviewer). He says: "A religious [political] party will start or directly lead to terrorism. I tell you frankly that politicization of religion or...
Montasser Al-Zayyat, a prominent lawyer who has represented Islamist militants in many court cases, explains in an interview why the Gama’at will not any longer resort to violence.
Egyptian prosecutors have remanded in custody for 15 days several suspected members of the militant group jihad, some of whom had been deported from another state, an official daily said on April 15.
Only two days after Egypt’s largest militant Islamist organization, Al-Gama’a Al-Islameyya, announced its decision to stop all anti-government attacks, the underground Islamic Jihad said in a statement that it would continue the "struggle", mainly against the United States and Israel.
The Gamaa Islamiyya has decided to halt military operations in response to appeals by its imprisoned spiritual leader and founders.
After nearly two years of dithering, reported internal splits and a worldwide crackdown led by the United States, Egypt’s largest militant organization, Al-Gama’a Al-Islamiyya, issued a statement on 25 March announcing its decision to renounce anti-government violence.


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