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Photos of the military-style parade staged by the Muslim Brotherhood at al-Azhar University raised alarm in the Egyptian press that the Muslim Brotherhood was forming a militia.
The general counselor of the Brotherhood does not believe the government responded to their success in the recent parliamentary elections through the severe and unjustified verdict of the Military Court in the case of professional syndicates. Two Egyptian human rights organizations requested...
The author refutes claims made by figures in the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group that Egyptian novelist Najīb Mahfūz has come from under the group’s cloak, arguing that Mahfūz’s relations with the Brotherhood have never been good as they claim.
The author reviews veteran journalist Muhammad Hasanayn Haykal’s opinions expressed on the Al -Jazeera channel about the Muslim Brotherhood and replies given by the group’s top leaders, in what looks like a face-off between Haykal and the supreme guide.
U.S. officials negotiate with the National Democratic Party and the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood admits that there have been other discussions between them and the U.S.
The author opposes the growing presence of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in seminars and conferences as he believes they are exploiting such gatherings for their own interests.
The article reports on disputes among the Muslim Brotherhood over its stance towards the judges’ crisis and the idea of establishing a political party.
The author reviews a book that tackles the history of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group, particularly during the 1970s.
The note which was found in the wallet of one of the suspects in the last lawsuit of the Muslim Brotherhood, became a key document in the lawsuit. The note is entitled "the syndicates’ membership department" which is described as one of the technical offices supervised by the guidance office of the...
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