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The national security department arrested a new group among extreme Islamic organizations containing 85 extremist members, five of them of different nationalities. Their plan was to reactivate the group and to collect donations from citizens.
The Public Attorney of the Higher State Security Prosecution ordered the release of three members of the Muslim Brotherhood who, with another 8 members, were taken into custody about three months ago.
The Public Attorney of the Higher State Security Prosecution ordered the renewal of the imprisonment of the new cell of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood. The cell consists of 25 members led by a member of the Guidance Office of the Brotherhood.
The Supreme State Security Prosecution ordered that 25 members of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood be remanded in custody for 15 days. They were arrested while gathering in the house of one of the members. The Prosecution charged them with forming a secret anti-government structure with the aim of...
The Egyptian security forces arrested 11 Muslim Brotherhood members in Alexandria. The group claimed that the measure had been taken in order to prevent them from running in the upcoming election of the Shura Council.
The Muslim Brotherhood Group said that its candidates for the Shura Council elections were exposed to security contraventions to stop their attempts to join the next council elections. The group confirmed that the police excluded seven of its members from applying for the elections.
The Supreme State Security Prosecutor decided to imprison 21 members of the Muslim Brothers Group for 15 days in custody. They were accused of trying to revive the activities of the group.
Last Sunday, the military court was surprised when those present heard the police officer who is one of the witnesses of Al-Ikhwan Al-Muslimeen case announcing that his [information] source was one of the twenty defendants. The case was postponed for a week to unveil the identity of the source and...
The Military Prosecution is now preparing the accusation list for the lawsuit involving professional syndicates. Twenty members of the Muslim Brotherhood are to be turned over to a military circuit court in order to be tried within days.
Egypt continued a crackdown on the banned Muslim Brotherhood on November 13, ordering the detention of eight people accused of belonging to the country’s largest fundamentalist group, court sources said.


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