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The review deals with statements made by the deputy guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, Dr. Muhammad Habīb, in which he said the passing of power to Jamāl Mubārak, the son of President Husnī Mubārak, will never be accepted by the group and it "will be over our dead bodies." The statements...
Fu’ād ‘Alām talks about the relations between security services and the Muslim Brotherhood. He denies the torture to death of Kamāl al- Sinānīrī and blames the leadership of the Brotherhood for concocting a fake crisis about his file out of self-protection.
The author contemplates the announcements of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mahdī ‘Ākif of dropping the secret organisation and assesses its current change in political discourse.
Yesterday, the 80-year-old member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Guidance Office, Shaykh Lāshīn Abū Shanab, was discharged by the Misdemeanor Court of Misr al-Jadīdah, East Cairo, and placed under house arrest for health reasons.
The article discusses accusations made by Muslim Brotherhood First Deputy Murshid, Dr. Muhammad Habīb, against the security authorities of killing member Kamāl al-Sanānīrī. The interior ministry stated that he committed suicide inside his prison cell.
The state security arrested, last week, a new Muslim Brotherhood organization headed by a professor of at the Nuclear Energy Authority and seized for the first time survey forms contain questions about the kind of obstacles facing the group activities in the society.
A court order has been issued to keep Dr. ‘Isām al- ‘Iryān and five more members of the Muslim Brotherhood Group in custody for 15 days pending the investigations into allegations of holding a secret meeting.
Five children were accused of belonging to a terrorist organization and were detained for two hours in the Marsa Matrouh governorate.
The author discusses the arrest of a number of students and supervisors at a summer camp believed to be connected with a Muslim Brotherhood school, and notes different viewpoints on whether such schools should be allowed.


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