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Milād Hannā, a prominent Coptic figure, protests about the condition of the Copts in Egypt.
The author highlights the contradiction between the Muslim Brotherhood’s declared attitude towards Copts and the opinions of their muftī.
The author argues that the Muslim Brotherhood is applying the Shi’ite practice of Taqīya which allows them to use double talk in order to hide their real intentions.
The author quotes the Wasat Party leader Abu al-‘Ilā Mādī as accusing the government of seeking the termination of his party through coordination with the Muslim Brotherhood.
The author writes on his political dialogue, as a Coptic citizen, with parliamentary members of the Brotherhood, which has resulted in a draft law of citizenship that deals with the issues of Copts in Egypt. He records his disappointment that the Brotherhood’s guidance bureau has rejected the draft...
The author criticizes newspapers, journalists, liberals and Copts, who market the Brotherhood’s agenda and formally recognize the group.
Samih Fawzī argues that the Muslim Brotherhood have contradictory stands when it comes to speaking about the rights of Egyptian Copts. Sometimes they encourage having a consolidated, unified Coptic stand, while at other times, they deny Copts the right to hold military posts and call for the...
Since Muhammad Mahdī ‘Ākif took over as murshid [guide] of Egypt’s outlawed Muslim Brotherhood in 2004, the group has seemed more politicized than ever. The group has participated, directly or indirectly, in the political actions and dialogue, played its part in the reform process, and expressed...
A dispute arose at the American University in Cairo over whether or not to admit a member of the Muslim Brotherhood in part of a dialogue on issues between Copts and the Brotherhood.
The author cannot understand how debating an article of the constitution should jeopardize people’s faiths and beliefs. However, some groups insist that questioning the second article of the constitution would lead to a ‘blood bath’ in Egypt.


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