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This article celebrates the release of seven Copts who had been detained by State Security Investigation and details the story of Dimiana, who went missing last July.
The article deals with an address by Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria in which he pledged to settle the crisis of the seven Christians detained for attempting to take a Christian girl from al-Fayyūm who had converted to Islam.
An investigative report into the arrest of seven young men in the al-Marj district and the demonstrations that followed.
The author notes the impending release of seven Copts still detained by State Security Investigations, despite being found not guilty of the charges of premeditated murder, carrying arms, and abduction.
Copts belonging to the Sim‘ān Kharrāz monastery in al-Muqattam demonstrated over the arrest of seven Copts, including a number of the church’s servants. The Copts were arrested on a trumped up charge of threatening a young Muslim married to a Christian girl.
Copts in al-Muqattam protested against the illegitimate arrests of four priests and relatives of a Christian girl who converted to Islam and married a Muslim.
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