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The return of the four Christian girls from Malawi ended the rumors that they were kidnapped and raped by Muslim extremist groups in order to force them to turn to Islām.
[This article is a follow-up of another article about the same subject. RNSAW, 2001, week 26A, art. 26] Bishop Dimitrious and priests in Malawi strongly deny the claims of the Australian Coptic Association Youth Branch that four girls from Malawi had been kidnapped.
Several Egyptian media reported in May that four Christian girls from the Upper Egyptian town of Malawi had run away from their homes. The Australian Coptic Association Youth Branch had reported these girls were kidnapped and kept insisting this had been the case also after the girls had returned...
The four Malawi girls asked bishop Demitrious, the Bishop of Malawi, for forgiveness and to talk to their families to treat them fairly after the incident.
The police returned the four Malawi girls to their families. They said that the problems behind their escape were mostly fights with family over the phone. They added that they should not have done it, but they liked the idea then.
Minya Security department managed to find the four Malawi schoolgirls. The families of the girls excluded [the possibility that] the girls’ disappearance was a crime of any kind, and said that it was driven mainly by problems at school and within the families.
Security agencies managed to find the four girls from Malawi who disappeared early this month. Foreign radio [stations] told the story in an incorrect way. Egyptian emigrants in the US contacted the bishop of Malawi after hearing the news. The bishop explained to the callers it was only the same...
Four Christian High School girls ran away from school and have not been found until now. Eyewitnesses confirmed that they got on a train heading to Minya. Investigations indicated that there was no suspicion of criminal action regarding their disappearance. The bishop of Minya and Malawi said that...
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