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Three Coptic thinkers denounce Nāhid Mitwallī’s insults against Islam and stress the values of the freedom of creed and the respect for all
The writer tackles the question of “who represents the Christians” and gives his opinion on the matter.
The conference about the reform in the Coptic Orthodox Church is still arousing noise. This review presents the comments of Bishop Murqus, the official spokesman of Pope Shenouda III, and other different echoes and comments on the conference.
The Coptic Orthodox Church is experiencing an ongoing conflict between Christian clerics regarding the successor of Pope Shenouda.
After the big fuss made about a conference entitled, ‘Laymen and the Church,’ the conference sessions were completed and recommendations were announced. The following lines shed light on the conference sessions, on its final recommendations and on the aroused echoes.
The author gives an update on the ongoing arguments between priest, Marqus ‘Azīz, and Coptic intellectual Jamāl ‘As‘ad ‘Abd al- Malākabout the political role of clergymen.
The author focuses on a recent opinion by Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria on the sin of having a wet dream. He advised young people to stay away from any sexually-exciting scenes and to pray before sleeping.
The author interviews two Christians, Dr. Girgis Kāmil Yousif and Jamāl As‘ad ‘Abd al-Malāk, on the phenomenon of the banning of books inside the Orthodox Church in Egypt.
Mutāwi‘ Barakāt writes about Egyptian Coptic intellectuals rejection of the idea of increasing the attention that the UN and US have placed on the plight of the Copts in Egypt.
September 11 was not the beginning of the associating of terrorism with Islam. The Crusades marked the beginning of the actual attack of the West against Islam. Because the West is apprehensive of the Islamic revival, many theories calling for attacking Islam appeared in the West. If Islam really...


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