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Different reports on whether or not Christians in Islamic countries are persecuted: 30.1 Hermann Schalück OFM Persecuted Christians? Introduction 30.2 Johannes Müller SJ Religious Freedom - Aspirations and Reality Reflections on the Complex Relationship between Christians and Muslims 30.3 Theodor...
The year report of 2001 including an overview of the special reports written for the RNSAW. The year 2001 was marked by a strong increase in the number of special reports, providing readers with information that is not available elsewhere.
The author thinks that Hulsman’s way of reacting to the whole affair of the articles of the former monk Fa’iq Boulos is fair. The RNSAW is not a Christian organization but an organization including both Muslims and Christians. This implies that selecting articles must be different from what the...
Despite all the criticism above Mamdouh Nakhla keeps insisting the accident was deliberately planned. He says that in all previous accidents ’the drivers who caused those accidents survived’ which is for him sufficient to suspect foul play.
Copts of the Diaspora, with many human rights activists, are disposed to believe the worst and it is natural that campaigners should take up the story. There is a culture of disingenuousness and misinformation amongst the Copts and this often leads to extremism in every quarter.
The suspicions in Mamdouh Nakhla’s press release amount to a conspiracy theory about the death of a priest without having any supporting evidence. Some American Coptic activists tried to convince the RNSAW not to publish this text in the RNSAW because it harms Nakhla’s credibility. The intensive...
A car accident caused the death of Father Antonios Zaki Ghobrial and three of his relatives in Minya governorate. Nakhla believes this accident is mysterious. He says this should arouse the suspicion of any reasonable person as to whether there was foul play somewhere.
The priest of the Church of the Holy Virgin, in Minya, died and his brother, his [brother’s] maid and the driver were injured when their car crashed into a lamppost after one of its tires exploded.
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