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Copts in Farshūt, north of Qinā governorate, participated in the opening of the new al-Raḥmān Mosque in the village of al-Hāj Salām, after its renovation which was paid for by the people.
A Copt in Sohag has given an example of national unity.
The Abū Harība Mosque, which decorates the 50 EGP banknote, is at the edge of becoming a garbage dump and public toilet!
Saʿīd Ḥasāsīn, member of the House of Representatives, described Copts’ accompaniment of Muslims during the opening of a mosque in the city of al-Zaqāzīq and their contribution of five million EGP as an historic event.
The Coptic Street [community] witnessed several events during the past week… We follow the most prominent of them in the proceeding article. 
That beautiful mosque no longer exists in Abu Dhabi. Its name has changed from The Mosque of Muḥammad Bin Zāyid to The Mosque of the Virgin Mary or the Mother of Jesus. 
The article highlights a riot incident against Muslim worshippers in Shubrā.  A family of rioters seized a street leading to a mosque and built a wall to block the way of the worshipers to enter the mosque for prayer in 'Izbat Rushdī, Shubrā. The inhabitants report that the members of this family...
The author writes that when she heard that a three-story building in ‘Umrāniyyah had been converted into a mosque, she asked her newspaper editor if he would confirm this, which he did by sending a reporter there. She comments on the strange timing and speed of converting this unfinished building...
Building a zāwiyah in front of a church formed the starting point of what the author refers to as fitnah in ‘Ayn Shams after historical friendly Muslim-Christian relations. 
A Coptic engineer submits a proposal for constructing a mosque in Banī Suwayf


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