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In response to the story of parents bribing officials for their childrens’ exam questions, the author laments the decline of the Egyptian middle class and its values and the current acceptableness and ubiquity of cheating within Egyptian society.
Watani interviewed a Christian woman who received an MA in education from Ayn Shams university and is now a teaching fellow in the Arabic department at the university.
In 2002 the Ministry of Education introduced the subject ’ethics and values’ into the curriculum, however in recent years it have received substantial criticism and now seems to be on the way out.
The article reports on the bitterly-contested conflict between the government and secular opposition powers in Turkey over a recent constitutional amendment to end the ban on wearing the hijāb in universities.
A university student suffered when he was caught up in a dispute between two university faculty members.
The article discusses the flaws in the education system in Egypt. The author believes that concerns about education are divided into two camps; those that are worried about the physical and logistical aspects of the problem and those that are more worried about the educational process. The author...
Hānī Labīb calls to create a new program in the Egyptian educational process to be focused on educating pupils and students of all educational levels on the rights and duties related to elections.
The article discusses the two year old case of a student at Minya University who was discriminated against and the university did nothing to resolve the issue. In an unprecedented move the head of department then handed in his resignation as a sign of his outrage toward the university.
A student who graduated from Assiut University in 2006 hoped to be offered a permanent position at the university but the university decided not to appoint him. Moreover, when he applied to do a PhD he was told that he had been rejected because there were not enough supervisors. The author of the...
A new institute related to the Coptic Orthodox Church provides professional training courses for Egyptian and non-Egyptian youth to fight the unemployment problem. Different Egyptian institutions will participate in the project.


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