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The main concerns of the Copts that are being discussed are the legislative structure that forms an obstacle to the building of churches and Coptic representation in senior public positions and in parliament. A seminar under the name ‘The Copts of Egypt at a cross-road’ discussed the core of the...
Citizenship has attendant duties, rights, and privileges, which means that all citizens are equal before the law regardless of their religion, creed, sex, color, financial status, political affiliation or intellectual stance, Dr. ‘Imād Jād says.
The article tackles the discovery of some important old Coptic manuscripts including one about the Gospel of Judas, which, the author says, is part of a valuable treasure in the Egyptian heritage.
Discussion of the recommendations of the Montreal Conference for Coptic Associations and Activists, held on April 7-9, 2006, in Montreal, Canada.
Imān Raslān poses the critical question of whether discrimination and sectarianism has extended to Egyptian schools.
The author emphasizes that Egypt is witnessing a wave of terrorism, listing a number of fields, where the state could make efforts to deal with this serious problem.
The statement made by the activists and members of Coptic associations which met in Montreal, Canada, April 7-9, 2006, to review and debate the situation of the Copts in Egypt and the future of Coptic activism.
Different views of Christian thinkers about the emigrant Christians’ demands in Canada to prevent aid to the Egyptian government
Salāma contemplates the conciliatory possibilities of religious discourse and warns against the use of religion to divide people.


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