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An armed group in Algeria assassinated a 57-year-old man in Al-Shalf State, 250 kilometers south of the Algerian capital. Initial investigations showed that six men associated with armed groups that were behind the wave of attacks in the State are involve
Algeria insisted to abandon the teaching of religion in secondary schools as a conclusive solution to religious extremism and terrorism. Although neighboring Tunisia is a model of how to modernize religious education to serve the contemporary needs without having to abandon it, Algeria did not...
The article discusses the need for changes in the Arab educational curricula. It calls for focusing on this objective and considers Western interference in this respect just a stone thrown into stagnant water.
Spanish authorities said yesterday that they had arrested 14 fundamentalists on suspicion of recruiting fighters for Iraq’s insurgency.
The Algerian Ministry of Religious Affairs and Awqaf carried out an investigation into Christian missionary activities in the tribal area in Eastern Algeria. The investigation found that there is an active network involved in Christian missionary activities that extend outside Algerian lands.
Professor of Islamic Studies at the Islamic Research Institute Mustafa al-Shak‘a said orientalism began in the early 15th century to study Muslim affairs and their weaknesses. Ensuing from this, the missionary war started with what we call the Christianization of Muslims that came to a peak...
Algeria’s celebration of the anniversary of St. Augustin was an unusual event as it took place in a political climate where a bloody conflict between the state and Islamic groups is still at its peak. European Christian circles welcomed this initiative by the Algerian government, considering it an...
Five Algerian soldiers, three of them officers, were killed in two attacks by suspected Islamic extremists who injured nine other people including civilians Algerian newspapers reported November 7.
A few days after the referendum that ratified the policies of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika regarding the question of terrorism, pressure has mounted from Islamists who supported Bouteflika’s moves.
Algerian President Abdel-Aziz Bouteflika received overwhelming public endorsement of his plans to restore peace to his country.


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