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Israeli extremism is usually connected to Jewish religious origins. The author quotes Joshua 1: 1-7 and Deuteronomy 20: 10-17 and says these are the principles Israeli extremists apply word by word.
The question for the next century is ’who is the number one in the area, Egypt or Israel?’ In order to remain the strongest country in the region Israel stimulates tensions with different minorities in the region, including Copts.
Jordan’s clampdown on the activities of the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, is bound to put an end to complaints by the Palestine National Authority and Israel, diplomats and political analysts said on Tuesday.
The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, says it plans to establish a new "national body" before year’s end to replace the Palestine Liberation Organization, which it describes as obsolete.
Palestinian police have detained 90 Hamas activists in the last few days in response to attempts by the Islamic militant group to carry out attacks on Israelis, a Hamas leader and Palestinian officials said on Thursday.
Jordan is ready to relinquish its religious authority over Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem to the Palestinian National Authority, Prime Minister Abur-Ra’uf S. Rawabdeh has said.
The anti-normalization committee of the 14 Jordanian professional associations expressed concern on Wednesday about complaints of alleged visits by right-wing Jewish groups to the Jadour Mosque in Salt and said it considers it a desecration of the religious site. Ali Abu Sukar, the committee’s...
The Israeli army said on Friday it had arrested seven members of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Group on suspicion of shooting at Israelis in the West Bank. An army statement said the seven formed a cell of the military wing of Islamic Jihad but did not say when or how they were arrested. They were...
There is an Israeli plan to destroy the unity of the Arab world by using its minorities.
The Israeli police blocked a window which had been opened up by the Waqf, the charitable body responsible for Muslim holy sites leading to tensions between Israelis and Muslims in Jerusalem.


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