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Pope Shenouda puts an end to the dispute over a church in Rosetta and orders it to be handed over to the justice in charge after the judicial decision.
Max Michel’s lawyer asserts the legitimacy of the archiepiscopate of Bishop Maximus I, expressing that Michel belongs to the Holy See of the Orthodox Church that adopts the Julian calendar.
Divorce issues pose serious problems in many Copts’ private life and are causing a severe conflict between the state and the Coptic Orthodox Church.
According to article no. 4 of law 84 for 2002, the Ibn Khaldūn Center and the “American and the Democratic Institutes” are considered to be legally dissolved.
The State Commissioners Authority submitted its final report on the controversial issue of Bahā’īs to the Supreme Administrative Court, a few months after the Administrative Judicial Court, headed by Judge Fārūq ‘Abd al-Qādir, recognized the rights of Egyptian Bahā’īs to have their religion...
Al-Musawwar had an interview with the vice-president of the Egyptian National Council for Human Rights, Kamāl Abu al-Majd, where he discussed religious, legal, political and security problems in Egypt.
The writers discuss the failure to enact a law, promised two years ago by President Mubārak, to cancel the imprisonment penalty against journalists in publishing cases, citing several recent rulings of imprisonment against journalists.
Political analyst, researcher, author and executive editor of the Egyptian weekly Watanī International Majdī Khalīl, known for his books on citizenship rights, civil society and the position of minorities in the Middle East, speaks out many on Coptic grievances to al-Dustour.
Concerning the current investigations of the village of Al-Kosheh and Dar Al-Salaam, Dr. Atef Ebeid, the [Egyptian] Prime Minister has declared that the results of the investigation will be made public during the next few days, applying the principle of transparency and granting every citizen the...
We discussed with Bishop Bissenti the possibility of the presence of foreign fingers in the matter, about the American law of religious persecution - whether it had tempted the Copts to start problems from inside Egypt, and about the suggestion of a delegation from [the US] Congress visiting Egypt...


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