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The daughter of Sāmī ‘Aṭīyah, who was killed by a Muslim bully, held her wedding ceremony at Mary Antonius Church in al-Zaqāzīq, wearing black instead of her wedding dress, to protest against the security’s failure to apprehend the suspect and to their collusion with him.
As part of a series of meetings to acquaint the French society with the Copts and their plight, the ’Association of Copts in France’ organized a conference on May 5, 2006, under the slogan of "Copts: A Combat for Human Rights,” during which the citizenship rights of Copts in Egypt were discussed.
The minority that had organized the two marches in front of the United Nations building in Washington got negative results. The moderate majority expressed their rage and rejected these marches and dealing with a fanatical Zionist organization. Among the actions taken to express this rage is the...
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