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  At the same time that Egypt exited world rankings in the quality of education, there were voices calling for the need to merge al-Azhar and the public education [systems] together.
At the recent Egyptians Against Religious Discrimination conference, the group discussed the education system in Egypt, the group called for the need to rebuild the school curriculum and concluded with a series of recommendations.
Dr. Muná Abū Sinnah discusses how developing education should begin.
The article discusses how the American Agency for International Development (AID) intervenes in the education system of Egypt with the agreement of the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP). University professors comment on such intervention.
"...Al-Kosheh is a wealthy village in a poor area. Seventy percent of its inhabitants are Copts among a group of villages with a Muslim majority. The inhabitants of the area complain of corruption. The representation of Copts in local councils is zero. Inhabitants of Al-Kosheh are living a state...
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