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The Minister of the Interior Habib Al-’Adly emphasizes that Egypt is secure and everything is under control, denies that there is any religious persecution in Egypt, or that there is any compromise between the security forces and terrorist groups, and talks about the release of repentant ex-...
An interview between Rafa’t Al-Sa’id of the Tagammu’ Party (who is fiercely critical of the Muslim Brotherhood), and Saleem ’Azouz (the interviewer). He says: "A religious [political] party will start or directly lead to terrorism. I tell you frankly that politicization of religion or...
The Coptic Orthodox Society in Helwan organized a symposium under the title "The Koshh events between lies and truth". The society refuted the campaign waged by the British newspaper [the Sunday Telegraph], stressed National Unity and rejected the interference of The House of Lords and the...
The members of the Peoples’ Assembly and the Shura council (Upper House) in Sohag have asked for the transfer of the responsible persons who have sent statements abroad about the incidents in al-Kussh village and who are to be put on trial by the general prosecutor.
The People’s Assembly and Shoura Council members from Sohag have announced their strong condemnation of the rude letter sent from the British Lord to Sohag’s governor.
88 new members of the Shura (consultative) council were elected and 47 members appointed. Among the newly appointed members were three prominent Coptic businessmen. This raised to nine the number of Copts in the Council and to nearly 40 the number of businessmen.
The Shura Council announced a series of changes in the editorial positions of several newspapers and magazines. The most controversial of this was the appointment of Mohammed Abdel Moniem as board chairman and chief editor of the of the weekly magazine Rose Al-Yousef.


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