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Is Arabic society sick? Yes it is. Admitting this is not a sign of defeat or pessimism. It is self-condemnation. We need to take a deep look into the illness to find the cure.
Egyptians are distinctively characterized by social and cultural pluralism as well as tolerance. The Faculty of Arts, Cairo University, has carried out a detailed study prepared by three sociologists; Dr. Ashraf ‘Abd al-Wahhāb, Dr. Hasan Hanafī and Dr. Muhammad al-Jawharī.
The text of a lecture on human rights and civil society in Egypt, including a discussion on numbers of exaggerated stories in the West, rumors and civil society.
The author states that three Christian families have become the targets of international organizations and expatriate Coptic groups that propagate lies about persecution of Copts in their own country.
The two girls, Christine and Maryān, dismissed allegations that they were abducted and stated that they were happy with their husbands and their new religion.
Ongoing discussions on conversions of Christians to Islam.
Jamāl Badawī examines the early seeds of religion in Egyptian history.
Curricula, social laws, economic and political legislations are derived from the remarkable prestigious status of religion in Arab countries. Moreover, it is the dominant theme in the public’s mind and the main purpose for communities where ignorance, poverty, fallacies, and backwardness prevail....
Subtitles: ° Europe expels peaceful immigrants and here we allow them to exhaust our utilities and attack us. ° An incident in the Ahmed Said Street, Abbassia, a quarter of Cairo, tolls the warning bells for the refugee and immigrant problem in Egypt. ° They harass our women and smoke bango [a kind...
The Do’a [preachers] phenomenon started to appear due to the economic depression and the disappearance of the family role which paved the way for the participation of young people in the suspected sessions of the Do’a, and receive non-objective teaching, which is full of ugly extremist thoughts in...


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