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A security report stated that the number of the mass suicide victims in Uganda exceeds 500 persons. The medical examiners are now examining the bodies burnt due to the fire that was lit by the Ten Commandments Group in the church building while they were practicing their religious rituals.
At least 230 people belonging to a religious group called "The Movement of the Ten Commandments" committed suicide. The leader of this group had told his followers that suicide would reduce the pain in the life hereafter. [Editor: Al-Ahrar also reported this news on the same day on p.1]
... There were a good number of people with interests - inside and outside - messing with many things, and dealing with what happened in Al-Kosheh as spoils to be taken, even if they had to start more fires in it!
Throughout the past week, the tragic and highly-deplorable events in the southern Egyptian village of al-Koshh still made news and it has been the topic of every talk either in Egypt or outside it. However, Every Egyptian, be he a Muslim or Copt, rejects such catastrophic events.
An article about a corruption case of a police colonel who was ready to free prisoners for the exchange of money.
Universities are the place where secret marriages between university students are one of the problems that threatened the moral life of these students; especially because students in that phase of life are driven by the uncontrolled emotions of the youth. In 1997 a social researcher found 31...
Traditionally Upper Egypt is well-known for family frictions and feuds with bloody confrontations. Blind loyalty to family groups is rampant in the Upper Egypt.
In the last issue of the debate aired by the Qatari Al-Jezira channel between Maurice Sadek, President of the Center for Human rights and National Unity, and Mustafa Bakri, editor-in-chief of Al-Osboa newspaper, Sadek had said that the Egyptian government is a racist government and should be...
Interview with Drs. Kees Hulsman, the first correspondent to visit el-Koshh. The interview focused on the Sunday Telegraph, earlier sensational reporting on Egypt by a co-production of channel four and Dutch TV (Evangelical Broadcasting Company), what had happened in el-Koshh and the role of human...


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