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There is no doubt that during Mubarak’s ruling period, the press enjoys freedom to a great extent and individuals enjoy democracy which was absent for year. It is up to individuals to say whatever they want: bad or good.
The discussion on the opinion poll conducted by the Al-Ahram Centre for Political and Strategic Studies continued. Ezz eddin described as "dynamite" questions relating to religion and the relationship between Muslims and Copts.
Montasir continues his critique of the French teacher who assigned Rodinson’s book for students at AUC.
Dr. Christian van Nispen criticized the ban of the Minister of Education to teach the book of Maxime Rodinson’s book Muhammad at the American University in Cairo after Salah Montassir criticized it in Al-Ahram of May 13, 1998. Salah Montassir believed the book constituted an attack on Islam but van...
The author calls for the banning of a book on the prophet Mohammed by Maxim Rodinson that is taught in AUC.
[Comment: In 1998 the RNSAW accepted requests from readers to remain anonymous. From the summer of 1998 this policy was changed.] In a previous article in Al Ahram Mohammed Al-Samak mentioned a number of names of people he believes are behind the Freedom of Religious Persecution Act. A reader...
After el-Destour published the declaration attacking three Christian businessmen a discussion started about the ’yellow’ (sensational) press and journalists ethics which resulted in a new Code of Honor according to which journalists may work.


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