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The author refutes accusations against the Coptic Orthodox church of it trying to become a state within a state, to dominate Christians in public and political matters and its intolerance of opposition or criticism from Coptic intellectuals.
The author of this articledoes not present facts but a caricature of the Jewish Talmud. The author refers to a text with one reference to the Talmud and to another from Jewish medieval scholar Maimonides. The first text should be placed in its proper context and the second shows a remarkable...
The author reviews the opinion of an Evangelical figure, Rev. Nasr Allāh Zakarīyā, on allegations propagated through a book by Christian-Zionists discussing claims that the Messiah is going to be a politician and from the military.
Pope Shenouda has forbidden Orthodox Copts from traveling to Jerusalem, stressing that those who violate the provisions of the Coptic Church will be severely punished.
The paper examines the history of Christian Zionism, an active movement that strenuously supports Israel, and which is particularly strong in the U.S.
The author criticizes Pope Shenouda’s recent contradictory decision regarding many important issues that concern Copts in Egypt.
Pope Shenouda warned Copts anew against visiting Jerusalem under Israeli occupation.
The patriarch of Jerusalem shows his disagreement with the prohibition on Copts from visiting Jerusalem but Pope Shenouda maintains his stance.
The author says that a number of companies deceive Copts into buying a small bag, which they say contains soil of the Holy Sepulcher of Jesus Christ, a leaf of the sacred olive tree, otherwise known as the Virgin Mary’s Tree and a picture of Jesus Christ. The author points out that the bag is...
The article reports on statements made by Pope Shenouda during his visit to Aswan. The Pope re-stressed that Copts should not visit Jerusalem until a peaceful solution for the Palestine issue has been reached.


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