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It was an astonishing and embarrassing episode to see the absence of the Arab World from the battle for an academic boycott of Israeli universities. Only Palestinian academics pursued the efforts to continue the British academic boycott against Israeli academia.
The Hebrew Mission was set up on behalf of the people of Israel to urge world Jews to emigrate to Palestine. The following year – 1888 – saw its founder William E. Blackstone visiting Palestine and raising the slogan “a land without a people for a people without a land.”
The defect of any political regime is the group of “deceitful revolutions” who master playing with people’s feelings and the doves of “religious extremism” who steal the minds of people by filling it with ideas apparently tolerant but in reality lead to extremism and terrorism. They want to bring...
Father Basilious from the monastery of Anba Bola issued a statement on behalf of the monasteries of Beni Suef and on behalf of the Council of Monks, expressing their condemnation of the Israeli practices against the Palestinian and President Arafat. They asked the international community to take...
Media critique on the Palestinian issue in the Egyptian Press. Critique on how MEMRI presents itself.
Review on how the Palestinian issue is approached by different groups.
The Jewish presence in the lands of Palestine in 1837 did not exceed 8,000. It climbed to 13,000 in 1852, which was 40% of the total inhabitants of Palestine.
The West accepted blindly Jewish lies and distorted Christian facts. Lord Shaftesbury offered in 1840 a program to the London conference pertaining to the settlement of Jews in the land of Palestine, acting upon the “a land without a people for a people without a land” rule, which was adopted by...
Some 260 Christians left Cairo on April 22, 2005 carried by El Al and EgyptAir’s Air Sinai flights for Israel. Air Sinai has flown the Orthodox Copts while the Israeli carrier El Al flew 37 Catholic Copts.
The Holocaust--the Nazi genocide of the Jews during the Second World War-- serves as a basis to raise money for its Jewish victims and to raise sympathy to in turn consolidate and justify its stance towards the Palestinian cause.


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