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A Christian man has stated that he would even convert to Islam in order to get his wife, who has converted to Islam, and daughter back.
An Orthodox church has permitted a woman the right to remarry and is accused of hiding her divorce from her husband.
An interview with Bishop Bula, the head of the Clerical Council, and the man who is in charge of giving marriage permits to Copts on the changing marital problems in Egypt.
An interview with Pope Shenouda III to find out the reasons why he rejected the judicial ruling enjoining the church to grant remarriage permits to Copts who obtain divorces through the courts.
The author says the Egyptian church did not deliberately reject the court ruling allowing divorced Christians to get married for a second time, but did so through its will to observe Christian teachings.
Roumānī Michel Munīr demonstrates the difference between the Christian holy sacrament of marriage and the contract of civil marriage, rejecting the latter.
Archpriest Youhannā Thābit criticizes interference by the Administrative Court in Christian religious affairs and urges the Ministry of Justice to consider the Christian unified draft law on personal status.
Nabīl Najīb Salāma sheds lights on marriage and divorce in Christianity.
A complaint has been filed to the pope by a man who retuned from hospital to find that his wife was divorcing him.
A discussion of Copt’s personal status issues, given the pope’s recent refusal to accept the administrative court’s decision to allow divorced Copts to remarry.


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