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[AWR: Comfort Dickson interviewed a Tunisian female humanitarian and wrote here about how she experienced this interview]
A doctor has become the first in Egypt to be convicted of female genital mutilation, seven years after the widely practiced procedure was first criminalized in the country.
Cairo was ranked first among the governorates of Egypt according to levels of violence against women during the month of July, which reported the highest rate of violence with 10 incidents, followed by the provinces Qalyubiya, Giza and Alexandria. 
Egypt resorts to religion in order to confront sexual harassment.
Maria Graversen attended a seminar at AUC about female domestic workers in Egypt and reports on what she learnt.
Farouk writes about the case of a women who brought a sexual harasser to court and the broader social issues which surround sexual harassment increasing in Egypt.
The author discusses the increasing problem of sexual harassment in Egypt.
The article deals with the Fourth Forum of Arab Reform at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. This forum brought together a number of prominent Arab and international researchers who discussed a wide range of topics related to improving the social, economic and civil society welfare of the people in the...


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