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Before I temporarily quit discussing die question of the exclusion of Copts from leading posts, I would like to quote a profound letter written by Mr. Nabil Adly—a colleague at Watani. He writes: ‘The exclusion of Copts from leading posts is an issue which concerns all of us. However, other...
Religious education in Egypt is no longer exclusive to Azharian schools and institutes but there are schools that call themselves ‘Islamic’ that advertise their intentions to offer education in an Islamic manner.
In the article, a large number of bishops of the Coptic Orthodox Church have been engaging in a hidden struggle to reach the papal seat.
Pastor Samū’īl Mishriqī, the head of the Pentecostal Church, criticizes the Orthodox Church for the manner in which it has dealt with some of its clergymen, believing that some of their practices contradict the Christian faith that is based on mercy and justice.
The article presents the transcript of a lecture for the Arab Thought Forum. It considers media distortions and mis-representation in the media that only serve to further antagonize Muslim-Christian relations and the perception of Islam and the Arab world in the West. Drs. Cornelis Hulsman explains...
The author of Rose al-Yūsuf presents samples of what she calls “random weird fatwás” that spoil Muslims’ lives. Football is ḥarām, a woman sitting on a chair is adultery, and learning English is an ugly identification with West, the “enemy of the Islamic Nation!”
Following the media uproar aroused over Bishop Bīshūy, the general secretary of the Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Church, a lawsuit is presented to the court of Summary Jurisdiction against him and his publisher by ‘Ādil Girgis. The claimant asked for 100 million Egyptian pounds in compensation...
Some political groups aiming to achieve their individual goals manipulate history to their own benefit.
Muntaṣir al-Zayyāt, the author, talks about reasons and targets of violence-based Islamic movements in the Islamic world.


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