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Publisher: Uitgeverij Meinema, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands (2009) Translator: Sandra Heijden Editor: Alexander Wamboldt The preface to Eildert Mulder and Thomas Milo’s 2009 book ’The Contested Sources of Islam’, where the authors introduce the four German revisionist historians whose theories...
Dutch journalist Eildert Mulder carried out a series of discussions and forums in cooperation with the Arab-West Report to discuss his book “De Omstreden Bronnen van de Islam” (The Contested Sources of Islam). He met with Muslim intellectuals Jamāl al-Bannā, Dr. Sayyid al-Qimnī and with Belgian...
CIDT’s Jayson Casper speaks to Sheikh Ahmad al-Sayih, a professor of Islamic doctrine at Al Azhar University who is originally from the governorate of Qena, about the attacks against Coptic Christians in Nag Hamadi.      
This article sheds light upon some legal experts’ denunciation of two legal organizations’; the United Group and the Andalus Centre, which appealed to the attorney-general to confiscate some Islam-disdaining, superstitions and spurious hadīths-replete books.
This article traces an interview with Dr Yūsuf Al-Qaradāwī in which he discussed Sayyīd Qutb’s "Fī Zilāl Al-Qur’ān" and his underlining theme of Takfīr. He discussed the issue of Qur’anic misinterpretation and treated the problems of Naskh and Isrā’īlīyāt.
Egypt’s State film censors ban a film dealing with the niqāb because it ’defames Islam and state policy’.
Watani reports on the recent Egyptians Against Religious Discrimination conference that was held in the Egyptian capital.
The author comments on articles from the Egyptian press this month, in particular stories about houses of worship and the unified law for houses of worship and the second anniversary of the constitutional amendments.
The author reviews the three volume selected works of Tarek Heggy, the liberal Egyptian political thinker and international petroleum strategist.
A young female journalist called Fātimah al-Zahrā’ Muhammad had a strange experience in the house of the controversial preacher Shaykh Yūsuf al-Badrī.


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