The Harms of Misreporting on Egypt’s Christians

Date of Publication May 9, 2012
Author Cornelis Hulsman
Full Text English The Harms of Misreporting on Egypt’s Christians
Full Text Arabic The Harms of Misreporting on Egypt’s Christians [Arabic]


 The Commission of the Bishop’s Conferences of the European Community (COMECE) in Brussels invited Cornelis Hulsman to present on the position of Christians in Egypt on May 9 in Brussels, Belgium. The presentation is part of a seminar on “Christians in the Arab World: One year after the Arab Spring,” organized by COMECE in cooperation with the EPP (European People’s Party—the Christian democrats in the European Parliament) and the ECR (European Conservatives and Reformists Group).  The presentation discusses  Muslim-Christian relations in an Egyptian village named Qufādah, understanding tensions through context, freedom of conviction or religion, and issues with misreporting. Hulsman also makes recommendations for actions Europe can take to assist Egypt.