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On the second day, summer school participants were privileged to learn from a member of the European Parliament, Bas Belder. 
How should we assess the endless stream of media reports and images that we are exposed to daily? On July 2, 2018, Matthew Sparks (M.A., Georgetown University) facilitated an important and evocative discussion of this question and introduced Arab-West Report, the massive electronic database...
On the evening of 3rd July, the Summer School students watched the thought-provoking film One Hand: The Movie, an intense film focusing on Muslim-Christian relations in revolutionary Egypt, following the January 2011 bombing of the Coptic Orthodox Two Saints Church in the city of Alexandria.
On 5th July, Johan Snel delivered a lecture discussing freedom of expression and freedom of religion. Johan’s lecture focused primarily on the current dialogue of freedom of expression and religion in Dutch journalism, and the divisive effects they caused across the Islamic world and wider...
Dr. Mabrūk ʿAṭiya, professor of Islamic Sharia at al-Azhar University, is again raising controversy because of his statements about Jesus Christ, which some considered as mockery of Jesus.
The Public Prosecutor ordered an investigation into journalist Ibrāhīm ʿĪssā, following his controversial statements in which he criticized the Miʿrāj of the Prophet (PBUH) during the journey of the ʾIsrāʾ and Miʿrāj (the Prophet’s night journey and ascent to the heavens).
Amnesty International called on the Egyptian authorities to release Patrick George Zakī, a graduate student at the Italian University of Bologna and researcher at the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR), who has been held in pretrial detention for nearly 20 months, after allegedly...
ʿAlāʾ Mubārak, son of former president Ḥusnī Mubārak, responded to MP Muṣṭafā Bakrī’s statement in which he stated that it was the former president who issued the decision to concede the islands Tīrān and Ṣanāfīr, saying, “Mr. Muṣṭafā Bakrī… stop distorting and falsifying history.”
In a few words, Muslim Brotherhood journalist Ḥamza Zawbaʿ announced that he would disappear from the media scene in Turkey, in order to join his colleagues Muʿtaz Maṭar and Muḥammad Nāṣir.
13 Egyptian human rights organisations have denounced the decision of the State Security Prosecution to refer Patrick George Zakī to trial before the Emergency Court, on charges of “spreading false news inside and outside of the country” based on an opinion article published two years ago.


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