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There is no indication on the ground that Turkey represents a bridge, since its relations with the Muslim world, namely its neighbors Iran, Iraq and Syria, are still at a low level, and moreover, Turkey plays a marginal role in the current Islamic culture and literature.
I have been shocked when I read an article in Sawt Al-Umma’s November 1 issue by Mustafa Abd Al-Latif Darwish under the title Archpriest Zakaria Butros’s play. The article seems to be refuting what the Archpriest has said in an interview in the Al-Hayat channel, but actually it is all about...
The assassination of Theo van Gogh resulted in a debate in Dutch media about the limits of the freedom of expression. Van Gogh himself specialized in offensive language against religion; his words were deliberately calculated to hurt people. Others, found van Gogh had gone too far, misused the...
Revd. Steve Snyder, founder of Christian Solidarity International, suddenly passed away. Media critique on often appearing incorrect elements in stories.
The Cairo Criminal Court ordered a temporal staying of the sentence handed down to Mustafa Bakri, Editor-in-Chief of Al-Usboa, and his deputy and brother Mahmoud Bakri, till deciding on the petition they have submitted to the General Prosecutor. It also ordered them an immediate release.
The information al-Arabi provided about Dr. Saad Eddin Ibrahim does not match other reports. The Al-Arabi article strongly gives the impression it is intended on character assassination.
Propaganda and distortions in the press concerning the war in Iraq. Report on the situation of Christians in Iraq.
It was found that peaceful political-social Islamic movements are next to nothing in using the Internet and the utilization of its domain in their activities. The contradiction is that other competing non-Islamic movements are not similarly exposed to that technology.
AWR questioned LCHR about how they see their role in the defence of Egypt’s small farmers.
The ongoing polarization between the Western and Arab worlds is quickly spiraling down to a confrontation which will cause great damage to both the Western and Arab worlds. That polarization can still be avoided but only if people are willing to understand the causes of this polarization and are...


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