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A special meeting is held for the youth at the Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Alexandria. Many clerics will be present, amongst them Pope Tawāḍrūs II.
His Holiness Pope Tawāḍrūs II, Pope of Alexandria, received a high-ranking delegation from the Evangelical Church in Germany on Monday at the Papal Residence, presided by Nādiyya al-Karshā Pastor of the Church of the Evangelical German Church in Egypt.
In a special interview with Ṣada al-Balad, the Secretary-General of the Egyptian Council of Churches (ECC) Father Bùlus Jaras said that his primary job in the ECC is coordination and that it is run by the heads of churches.   
The Catholic Patriarch Ibrahim Ishaq met this morning with George Gharīb, the President of the International Catholic Conference of Scouting (ICCS), the ICCS-EM Regional Secretary, Antoine Maqsùd, the President of the Egyptian Catholic Scout Committee, Joseph Faīq, and the Leader of the Scout Abu...
Preface by Cornelis Hulsman: In 1997 I started making press overviews on issues related to Muslim-Christian relations and founded the Religious News Service from the Arab World which later was renamed Arab-West Report. Between June 13, 1997 and July 11, 1998 I collected articles from al-Muslimoon...
The Salafī Da’wah (Call) approved Bible teaching in schools but in a way observing the Islamic sharī’ah controls, according to a fatwá by Shaykh Yāsir Burhāmī, the deputy chairman of the Da’wah.
The MubārakEducationalCity, which belongs to the ministry of education, has been turned into a ceremonial hall for the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom & Justice Party (FJP), as the minister’s advisor, a Brotherhood member, has coordinated with the minister to have the facility as a headquarters...
The Azhar settled differences about remarks on some phrases in the citizenship rights textbook for the 2nd grade of the secondary stage of education, asserting that the textbooks do not have anything that violates Islam or the sharī’ah. 
The “Coptic Scream” movement launched a campaign called “No to Brotherhoodization of Education”. 
Director General of Research and Archaeological Studies and Scientific Publishing in Sinai and Lower Egypt and archaeologist, Dr. ʿAbd al-Raḥīm Rayḥān (Abdel Rahim Rihan) confirmed that Wādī Firān (Feiran Valley)  has been an untapped archaeological, touristic and environmental treasure so far.


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