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In its edition on Saturday, December 22, Al-Misrīyūn newspaper reported that Imbābah district of Giza Governorate experienced a large turnout of Christians who queued to cast their ballots on the second stage of the constitutional plebiscite. 
A decision by the Dutch government on July 11, 2012 was all about facilitating procedures for asylum by Egyptian Christians, not at all about announcing the reception of asylum seekers. 
Security forces have intensified their efforts to arrest the assailants on al-Warrāq Church. About 30 officers from the national and central security investigations units have listened to 120 testimonies from witnesses. The security team continued to search for the assailants in the Corniche area...
Muhammad Isma’īl et al report that the Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters have commemorated the first anniversary of Mursī’s deposal by detonating 13 explosive devices and primitive bombs on July 4, 2014 in a number of regions nationwide. 
The Giza Emergency Supreme State Security Court adjourned to the April 1 session the Imbābah incidents case in which 48 persons – 33 Muslims and 15 Christians – are facing charges of illegal assembly, premeditated murder, attempted murder, sparking and inciting sectarian fitnah and setting fire to...
Tuesday, March 7th, 2017—major protests and demonstrations erupted in several cities across Egypt, including Alexandria, al-Minyā, Disūq, and Cairo’s own Imbāba in response to the government decision to stop accepting several types of the government issued ration cards for subsidized bread.
An investigation by Giza’s Security Services revealed on Wednesday the details of the arrest of a terrorist operative involved in several attacks in the Imbāba area.
President for the National Council for Women (NCW), Ambassador Mervat Tallāwī, said NCW is in the process of establishing an office in Manshiyat Nasr, as part of the Council's keenness to reach women in poor and marginalized areas, and to raise awareness on their legal rights.
The United Nations launched the "Safe Cities from Violence against Women and Girls” global program in Egypt. The overall purpose of Safe Cities is to improve the quality of life for the people in 20 countries, including India, Ruwanda, and Papua New-Guinea.
Background: John Wesley is a mission director at perhaps one of the largest international aid mission in the world; United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The organization provides economic development as well as humanitarian assistance around in the world with respect to...


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