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Fr. Yūwāqīm, Coptic Orthodox Bishop of Isna and Armant, has taken a pastoral visit to the Holy Land. He was accompanied on his journey to Jerusalem by several fathers and priests.
Unknown assailants on motor cycles have thrown molotov cocktails on a carpenter’s workshop and a textile shop owned by Copts in the village of Mahamīd, Armant Center, Luxor. 
Security Forces in Luxor have successfully prevented an attempt to burn a number of houses belonging to Copts in Mahāmīd village, Armant, Luxor. 
A state of disgruntlement prevailed in Coptic circles in the governorate of Luxor in general and Armant city in particular after the prosecution released persons suspected of involvement in setting the camps of Christians celebrating the Saint George festival on fire.
This article deals with the arson of a number of Coptic owned homes in Upper Egypt. After the original five houses were set aflame on January 14th, additional security was added to the village. This did not, however, deter the arsonists from continuing to set two more houses on fire during the days...
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