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There are clear elements of the pressure groups known as lobbies in Egyptian society and the world. The pressure groups play a leading role in the policies of the world’s nations.
The author discusses the indignities that Egyptians living abroad in Arab countries are often subjected to, and questions why the Egyptian authorities do not challenge these occurrences, yet rush to raise their voices about trivial matters.
The article discusses rumors of terrorist attack on Cairo’s underground, and the heightened security measure that have been implemented to potentially prevent such an attack.
The author investigates the traditions surrounding death in Islam, and the belief in the afterlife.
Arab media primarily placed the war in Iraq in the framework of the religious dimension. Religion is present in the background of almost all articles. Reactions of religious institutions and figures and the impact of religion on the characters of both Bush and Saddam Hussein are the focus of...
The author of the article, through his comments about another article, defends Islamic fundamentalism and refutes the notion that it supports stances like those adopted by terrorist groups.
Christians have lived in the Arab world for many years, yet recently a mass exodus has been witnessed. The article considers reasons behind this exodus.
The victory of the Muslim Brotherhood in the elections of the Bar Association revealed their increasing political influence in Egypt following their recent victory in the parliamentary elections. The Bar association elections revealed the ruling party’s crisis, as it failed to confront the Islamic...
The number of articles published about Christmas reflects the attention the Egyptian press paid to celebrations of it. The article gives a list of the articles published in five newspapers.
Subtitles:- I never play with my words or dress them up, I just take care of everything.- America feels easy at heart with some Islamic tendencies. It even defends their interests.- The security system will not stand still towards violence.- I am not an Islamic writer, but a Muslim writer.- Wearing...


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