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The Armenian presence in Egypt materialized prior to the modern age. Their presence dates back to the Fatimid period; the most prosperous period for the Armenians in Egypt.
Bahā’īs are waiting for July 2007 when they will find out the final decision from UNESCO on whether some of their gardens will be recognized as international cultural sites.
Drs Hulsman analyses the lecture of Pope Benedict, noting that the text showed that his lecture was unfortunate but the translation made it even worse. The report notes several translation mistakes from the original German text to English. The Arabic texts were then translations of the English....
The Kurds and Berbers are Muslims who joined Islam with the Arabs. The fall of the Islamic caliphate left space for nationalism to flourish and its replacement opened a gap between the Arabs and the Kurds. The Islamic way of co-existence between Arabs and Kurds is the solution to all the problems...
Excerpts from a sermon given in the Zayed bin Sultan Aal Nahyan mosque in Gaza calling for the killing of Christians and Jews. The text is being distributed by American Copts, International Christian Concern and probably several other organizations in the West.
Only in legend were the Crusaders chivalrous knights. In reality, they were ruthless invaders who hacked a bloody trail through the Holy Land in their quest to capture Jerusalem. But they left behind an impressive archaeological legacy.
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