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Two jewelery shops owned by Copts were attacked within 48 hours of each other have broken out worries about possible further attacks in a plot to target Copts.
Different claims have been filed against governor of Alexandria and administrator of al-‘Āmirīyah district because of allegedly illegal decisions to remove buildings that belong to the Coptic Orthodox Church.
Hibah Sālim comments on the friendship between Shaykh ‘Ushaybah and Father ‘Īhāb.
Three incidents ring the bell of sectarian strife in Alexandria. Two of them are education related and the third is the disappearance of a Coptic teenager.
Bishop Bīshūy meets with the governor of Alexandria to discuss the recent tension in Muslim-Christian relations there.
The article reflects on the recent Muslim-Christian sectarian clashes in al-Dukhaylah al-Jabal in Alexandria. The article believes that the spread of sectarianism in Alexandria, which used to be the land of tolerance and coexistence, poses a critical threat to the unity of Egyptian people.
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