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Muslims used to rule over Christians and Jews in Andalusia however they never sought absolute control and people were able to live and flourish in a multi-cultural and multi-faith society.
Islamophobia vs. Westophobia; two postmodern terms. The article presents Muslims’ points of view toward the issue. Dialogue and moderation seem to be the key issues for eliminating the two terms used by fundamentalists on both sides, as most of the people in the following text explained.
Zayn al-‘Ābidīn al-Rikābī writes about Orientalist Bernard Lewis’ allegations made during a conference that has recently been held in Jerusalem.
The bishop of Cordoba turns down Spain’s Muslim community’s request to share prayers with Catholics in a cathedral that was once a mosque.
Al-Sayid Turkī writes about the achievements of western orientalists.
To have a fruitful cooperation, it is important that the West, and especially the U.S. government, move away from its stereotypical belief that all Islamic groups are terrorist organizations. Dialogue between civilizations marked the starting point of the Mediterranean partnership.
The article recounts the story behind the establishment of the first mosque built by Muslims of Spain and not immigrants.
The American Zionist Christian Right is dreaming of Armageddon, when all Jews will gather in Palestine, the Aqsa Mosque will be demolished and the Jewish temple will be built. Among the strongest believers of this theology is Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson who are close to President Bush.
The Western scene of hectic intellectual, religious and practical endeavors to recapture Jerusalem and Palestine from the Muslim grip was marked by weirdness and brazenness.
The false declarations by American pastor Jerry Falwell against Islam is not a new phenomenon for Western society. Still, there are Western men of religion, like father Jan Landouzy, who express objective opinions towards Islam. It is important that Muslim scholars get acquainted with what...


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